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What Our Clients Say

Young Residential Design was introduced to me by the realtor who helped us buy a house in Santa Cruz. The existing house had a storage shed/carport that had been illegally converted into a dwelling unit. It was awful; ugly, in bad repair and nowhere near any building code. We knew it had to go, right down to bare dirt.

I met with Ted, showed him some preliminary floor plan ideas I had for the structure. He listened, inquired and showed that he had a keen appreciation for what we wanted to do. He was off to the races. Within a week he had four alternative layouts for us to consider and we quickly chose one. It had an open floor plan with high ceilings in the living area, a separate bedroom, a bathroom and a small workshop. The clean, attractive design melded well with the existing house. And, Ted offered his services at a most reasonable price.

Then we began the city approval process. I tested Ted’s patience by revolting against some of the city’s demands for building design and excessive fees. Ted was always there to support me and offer constructive solutions to the issues raised. We met with the Building Department innumerable times over 18 months. We got our permit. Ted was always calm and resourceful. I could not have done it without him.

Now the structure is nearing completion. It is wonderful, attractive, functional and elegant inside and out. It is an outstanding addition to the housing in Santa Cruz. I highly recommend Ted for his architectural design talent, his thorough and complete work, his reasonable fees, and his ability to work congenially to overcome obstacles.

John B., Santa Cruz, CA

When I was searching for a designer, I wanted to find someone who would take my project and get it done from start to finish without much of my involvement. Young Residential Design was the right company to choose. He drafted my plans, took everything to the City of San Jose and closely worked and followed up with the building department. I am very satisfied with his service and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional.

Anna B., San Jose, CA

I found Ted conscientious, competent, hardworking, and sincere in his work.  The City accepted Teds’ plans without any issues.  Engaging Ted in your project would considerably shorten the time it takes to get through the permit process.  Further, in a world that is very transactional, you'd find Ted tends to form deeper connections with his clients, keeping in touch with them for years after projects are completed. I trust you'd find that valuable, important, and significant.  

Satish R., Los Altos, CA

I wanted to share my experience about Ted Young, who drew up the plans for our home in Carmel By the Sea. From the beginning, we had a good feeling about Ted. He listened to what we wanted and continually adjusted our plans as needed. He was always available by phone, text, or email. He made several trips to our house, which was over an hour from his office, to measure and look at innovative ideas we had, or to meet contractors. I can’t say enough about his great customer service. His down to earth, approachable personality, made him a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Ted to anyone who needs quality designed plans for their home at a reasonable price. We will definitely use Ted again.

David A., Carmel, CA