Principal Profile

Ted Young

Principal, Chief Executive Officer

As principal and founder of Young Residential Design, Ted has approximately 10 plus years of professional design experience.

Full Bio

Working at a very early age, with his father and late grandfather in the design and construction industry, Ted was able to watch how plans were traditionally hand drafted – the cornerstone of experience in any future aspiring architects profession.

Ted truly first began his career doing art work and attending art school in the historic Soquel Village, back in the early 1990’s. Here, Ted began to learn of his artistic talent and integrated his artistic framework, with his passion for carpentry and woodworking. More importantly, during early high school years, Ted began taking drafting courses in mechanical hand-drafting and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).

After high school, Ted began to realize his visions in the A/E/C (Architectural / Engineering / Construction) industry were starting to materialize and began courses at the local community college. Following the footsteps of his late grandfather, a Hydrologist for the Department of the Interior, from the University of Washington at Seattle, Ted wanted to integrate his combined knowledge of artistic value, with engineering and construction. Ted had also learned of carpentry work from his late maternal grandfather who was a master builder, developer and entrepreneur. Ted finished up his bachelor’s degree at a California State University and moved into his Master of Architecture degree, at Boston Architectural College.

Ted also worked for various architect firms in the greater bay area, which are listed on Teds’ profile. Finally, Ted had discovered the profession of architecture and how art and science can build the seeds for architecture. Ted now is eligible for the A.R.E. (Architectural Registration Exam), through NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Board). The A.R.E. requires a professional degree in architecture such as an: M.Arch, B.Arch or D.Arch, in addition to approximately 2-3 years or 3,700 hours (depending on what state you live in) of professional practice under the supervision of a licensed architect.

“Designing on time, on budget,
through innovation and integrity”

T.R. Young